This studio owned by an local artist, 5+2. You may also want to call her Eva.

It is started at 10.10.2020. A Saturday morning.

Also a showcase for her visual arts, flavours, ideas & dreams.

Feel Free to enjoy this place with gentle kindness.

Painter, Dreamer, Outsider


生 活 不 止 生 存

存 在 該 有 價 値

値 得 盡 興 此 生




Professional in advertising industry. Work as graphic designer, stage designer, project management, branding & marketing, etc.



Studying visual communication at the School of Hong Kong Design Institute. Started to establish personal painting creations, with black and white, patterns, and nature as the theme of painting illustrations.



Learned and Inspired by the local percussionist and throat-singing artist - John Lee. After that, She has slowly developed the creation in the form of meditation practice, mind training, inner searching, etc.



Started with on-the-spot painting performances on the street, and communicated with street artists from various countries.



Dedicated to full-time creation in the form of a sojourn, and learning about Eastern Buddhist philosophy, Vipassana meditation and Tibetan Buddhist art practice. Has visited northern Thailand, Tokyo, Taiwan, Tibet and Nepal. Lived with jamming local artists and creators around the world. The paintings in the period are dominated by patterns, expressing the aesthetics of free awakening, life and nature.



After returning to Hong Kong, she set up her own studio to develop experimental creations of space, human body and improvisation outside the screen, constructing abstract patterns to experience the concepts of "oneness and infinity", "cells and growth", and inspiring the audience to think about life from a personal perspective itself and thinking about the nature of "circle" through repetitive circles.