I was trying to develop the same patterns in different elements. It's all started with the typhoon night that nearly drove me crazy (well in fact I'm quite gone crazy already0, and just painting whatever I wanna with the very simple circles, looping n looping the same loop. Slowly felt like I got a bit of myself back.

And then a crazy idea came into my mind when I met the local performance artist, Florence Lam. Sometimes you just need someone who trusts your mind, your thoughts and just lets you try. Every circle spread fro the wall, the floor, the studio. To everyone, everybody, and hopefully everywhere. And one day, they might spread in front of you, it's like all the sprites are here with you celebrating this crazy but amazing world we are all in.


Be proud to be who you are, every second, every day, every time when they try to say that u means nothing. Well~ even nothing deserved to be just nothing. Even nothing is still beautiful as nothing. And, you have somethings, much more than something. As I’ve seen. All of you.

* Absolutely amazed that everyone can present their unique beauty. Beyond my imagination, was amazing.

* For some reason, there are hopes for this city, although it is accompanied by the feeling of being born at wrong time.

* Giving space for each one to express themselves freely is where the unique beauty came from.

* I thought I was giving, there is a feeling of cooperation which which is not expected, in fact I'm also learning, joyfully learning.

* It is necessary to handle both the music and the atmosphere, and there must be no distracting thoughts. Vipassana skills help a lot.

* To let the other person fully express their inner self, open discussion during the process is a must.

* Parts that they want to cover, turns out has it's own beauty.

* Eyes definitely tell a lot of stories.

* To face the absolute trusted, it is a test of controlling my own powers.

* To balance sexiness and beauties, was challenging but fun.

* Grateful, from the bottom of my heat, everyone, every moment. Good or bad, they are all great.

Model : Pasha, Eric, 0andor, Jane, M28, Yin Dan Ren, Jennie & more